Adventure Tours

One look at the undulating landscape of Vietnam will set the hearts of adventurers racing. The country’s natural splendour juts out in every direction, from tall mountains to wide and expansive jungle. It seems like nature here is made for exploration, which is a huge draw for tourists looking for active Vietnam vacation packages.

The Vietnam adventure tours we have listed below have been specially selected for their ability to capture the appealing nature of the country through trekking, cycling and other active endeavours. Under the power of your own feet, Vietnam’s gorgeous scenery is more of a reward and more of a spectacle for those making that extra effort.

Vietnam is blessed with beautiful treks, most notably in the north of the country above Hanoi. Here, visitors on adventure-focused Vietnam tours will find exquisite paths leading between nature-flanked villages, where ethnic culture thrives in the simple atmosphere of lush, tropical greenery. Sapa is the perfect example of this, as 3, 4 or 5-day trekking tours around the region pass rice paddies, forests and some of the tallest mountains in the country.

Amongst the lowlands of Vietnam’s valleys, cycling is a popular mode of transport for locals and tourists alike. Mai Chau and Ninh Binh are incredibly beautiful in their mountainous backdrops, but also feature quaint, snaking paths along flat ground. So much of the country can be explored via cycling, as this has been the primary way of getting around for at least 100 years in rural areas.

The country’s national parks are gorgeous, protected pieces of land containing animals and plants found nowhere else in the world. Many of our Vietnam tour packages for adventurers head to Cat Tien National Park, a 720km2 stretch of gorgeous rainforest, lakes and marshes. Trek and cycle past Crocodile Lake, Elephant Waterfall, and animals in the flesh at the endangered bear and monkey sanctuaries here.

Here’s what Your Vietnam Travel, a top Vietnam tour operator, can offer you across the tours listed below

What to Expect on an Adventure Tour?

  • A wealth of activities – While many of our tours include travelling by trekking and cycling, we also focus on other active excursions such as cooking classes, embroidery and basket weaving. All activities look through a different window onto Vietnamese scenery, tradition and lifestyle.

  • A foray from south to north – The vastly different landscapes of south, central and north Vietnam make for excellent settings for different activities. Some of our tours even venture into Cambodia, where trekking and cycling takes place in an entirely different culture.

  • Safety and security from our staff – At Your Vietnam Travel, we make it our primary business to look after you during your tour. Whether that’s on the mountains of Sapa, in the jungle of Cat Tien, amongst the rock-speckled sea of Halong Bay or even on the road between destinations, our guides will put your health and wellbeing above all else.