Best Time to visit Thailand

Best time to visit Thailand (the whole year travelable)

Thailand, country located in the centre of mainland Southeast Asia. A massive Tourism industry in Thailand resulting in tourists throughout the year and all year long. Travelers love going to Thailand for its beautiful culture, fascinating history, natural wonders And delicious spicy food. In no particular order.

But when is the best time to visit Thailand ? apparently it is the whole year here in This article you will see why …

Weather overview

Thailand’s high season is November to February, when the weather is generally at its best throughout the country. 

However you can visit Thailand throughout the year, however more rural parts become less accessible at the peak of the rainy season and winter weather brings higher seas which has its baring on those idyllic beach days!


New years is the time of happiness, travelers from all over the world start visiting places. During this month of the year in Thailand It's also worth visiting and has a cold weather as well. For those who love the sea, place a pin on the Andaman and the East. Enjoy the clear sky. 

Suggested places: Visit the north of Thailand such as  Chiang Mai , Mae Hong Son enjoy the massive foggy on the top of the  mountain trip is the best idea for this time 


Coming to the end of the winter But we can still travel up high hill Northern region comfortably Although the weather is getting warmer and less chance of seeing the sea of fog disappear If not, try a city near the forest like Wang Nam Khiao, Suan Phueng, Sangkhla Buri (The northeast region of Thailand) as a relaxation option. 

Suggested places: camping on the mountain , diving in Lipe Island and Enjoy sunbathing at Koh Samet.


Entering the dry season completely The hot wind blows out the skin. Anyone planning a trip to the north is recommended to check the weather well as there may be dust, smoke from burning forests of the hill tribes in Thailand and Myanmar. But the overall picture is better for spending time on the beach, wearing a bikini, jumping over the sea. 

Suggested places: Visit islands such as koh chang , koh tao, koh larn and many islands in Thailand you can visit during this month and so on.


Songkran festivel , Songkran Day, Thai Water Festival or Songkran, Thailand’s signature festival has many names. Celebrated from April 13 to 15, Songkran Festival is a special time when Thai summer turns cool and fighting becomes a friendly act with sparking water. 

While many travelers know that Songkran Day is also the traditional Thai New Year, but few have experienced the traditional beauty of Thai New Year. Crazy or calm, your Songkran Day can go either way depending on where you go. 

If you want to fight with water and wet powder on the face try to go visit those places below 

1) Khon Kaen: Tha-non Khao Niao 

2) Chiang Mai: Tha Phae Gate

3) Phuket: Soi Bangla

4) Chonburi: Pattaya Walking Street and all over Pattaya city

5) Bangkok: Khao San Road, Silom, Siam, RCA, Ratchada Soi 4 and Asiatique The Riverfront

Guideline: if you are foreigners please note that “street” in thai is “tha-non” it is easier to ask local people with tha-non and following with the name of the street  

And travelling Thailand during the festivel can be tough I suggest you to travel by flights because you do not want to stuck on the road for hours 

Besides the festivel you can visit many beautiful islands in Thailand and enjoy your tanning!


The rainy season is coming, although the weather may still be hot. It is the last part of the tour to the Andaman Sea. Some national park islands are closed to avoid the monsoon season and allow nature to recuperate from around the middle of the year onwards. While depositing in the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand, there will be a little increase of rain due to the seasonally changing weather. But not too violent. You can comfortably travel from Prachuap Khirikhan, Chumphon, Surat Thani or try to find a trip to visit beautiful and historical temple around Ayutthaya. 

Suggested places: temples in Bangkok, diving and Full moon party in Koh Phangan


Thinking of traveling to the beach at this time, mainly aimed at the southern coast of the Gulf of Thailand. As for the Eastern Sea, we have to look at the weather each week. For the Andaman coast, many national parks have already closed the island. On the northern mountains, when the dust fades, you can come back again. 

The weather may not be cold but will receive moisture instead. It is also a good idea to travel to the local region of Thailand such as isan…

Suggested places: Visit castles , monastery or you can go to the beach if you want to

July august September and October 

During these months it is raining most of the time but you can start the beginning of July with camping on the top of the mountain. Visit the national park in Thailand and finally October , A lot of rain in the last months caused many waterfalls to fill up the water. Many rafting activities you can go on adventure.


Coming to high season of Thailand I may say. The beginning of a trip to the Andaman Sea and the East Sea to earnestly. Every island is open to travel. But still recommend to look at the weather as there may be a rain drop As for the southern sea, Gulf of Thailand, Chumphon, Samui, Phangan should be avoided because this region is strom season. Various waterfalls Travel comfortably As well as forests in the north, central, west, northeast and south, which are all good choices. Some nature trails that had closed during the rainy season will be re-opened for travel. And this month is also the time to see the Lotus fields in Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai as well.


The cold weather comes with a happy atmosphere (cold for Thai). The northern mountains are crowded .if you want to avoid the crowd, I suggest to go to the eastern sea or Andaman. Because it has entered the highlands and tourists are not as cramped as the next few months but the southern coast of the Gulf of Thailand is still in heavy rain. 

Sunflower fields, which are currently planted in many areas The largest is the central region of Saraburi, Lop Buri, Nakhon Sawan, while the northeastern mountains are the blooming period of various kinds of wild flowers.

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