Classic Tours

Few countries in the world have an ancient culture as strong as Vietnam. Even in modern times, elements of Vietnamese tradition from thousands of years ago still prevail, giving visitors to the country wonderful memories and snapshots of a life lived in Vietnam’s attractively uncomplicated manner.

The Vietnam classic tours listed below capture these moments perfectly, taking you to established destinations around the country in search of Vietnam at its absolute authentic best. Tourism may still be a new phenomenon to the country, but these tours capture the endearing instances of the ‘classic’ Vietnam.

Of course, much of classic Vietnam takes place in its rural areas. Places like Sapa, Mai Chau, Ninh Binh and the Mekong Delta are the country’s postcard images, ones that leave indelible impressions on their visitors. Images of farmers in conical hats working hard in the rice fields, coupled with mountain tribes carrying pink buckwheat between villages, both come as a steady stream of highlights on the Vietnam tours listed below.

Cities, too, have a lot to offer tourists in terms of classic moments. The culture of places like Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City have blossomed over thousands of years, and the fact that they are still going strong in Vietnam’s modern era is a testament to their attractiveness and deep heritage roots. Hanoi’s role as Vietnam’s capital has been 1000 years in the making, during which time ancient guilds and street food vendors have forged the city’s beautiful identity.

Of course, the true aura of classic Vietnam is found in its more laidback destinations. This is especially true in the deep south, where the reclined atmosphere of the Mekong Delta enraptures visitors daily. Provinces like Ben Tre and Can Tho have their beauty spread across ravishing jungle and snaking rivers, something that classic Vietnam tour packages boasts with boat trips and beauty-flanked cycle paths.

No Vietnam tour operator captures the essence of classic Vietnam like Your Vietnam Travel. Check out the tours we have below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What to Expect on a Classic Tour?

  • A long-established route through Vietnam – Our classic tours visit proven favourites throughout the country from south to north. We take in the best of Vietnam’s gorgeous scenery and culture, which has provided the backdrop to memorable tourist visits for years.

  • Urban and rural destinations – The ‘real’ Vietnam is not only found in the country’s rustic nature, but also in its ancient cities and towns. Our Vietnam vacation packages below ensure that you’ll experience classic moments across both settings in equal measure.

  • A local guide with experience – Classic moments come to life under the knowledge of our local guides. They are experts at conveying the charming history between city and nature in Vietnam and will immerse you in culture found throughout the country.