Kick off those shoes for a summer holiday in Vietnam

Summer is the season to kick off those shoes, grab a towel and some sunscreen and make your way to the beach. And what better way to unwind than exploring the glorious tropical beaches of Vietnam during the summer of 2019/ 2020?

Boasting with some of the world’s most spectacular and undiscovered beaches along its 3260km stretch of coastline, Vietnam’s turquoise waters, submerged islands and pristine white sandy shores will leave you transfixed. Whether your dream holiday consists of lounging the days away under an umbrella, soaking up the sun, snorkeling amongst rainbows of tropical fish, exploring island life by hiking, taking romantic sunset cruises or kayaking through mysterious caves on magnificently clear waters, this southern Indochinese peninsula has got it all.

The charm of Vietnam’s beaches lies in the fact that they are all still mostly untouched by the flux of tourists visiting South-East Asia every year. With awe inspiring views, historically rich heritage sites and traditional fishing villages in close proximity to luxurious resorts, the beaches of Vietnam offer the weary traveler the perfect opportunity a glimpse into what makes this country so incredible. With an astounding array of Vietnam beach holiday packages to choose from, your beach holiday can easily be combined with a cultural exploration tour, or a Vietnam luxury holiday package, to explore all the diverse aspects of this gorgeous country.

Northern beaches

Halong Bay, one of Vietnam’s most famous travel destinations for your luxury holiday package, is situated on the north-eastern coast of Vietnam. And rightfully so, with its half-submerged islets piercing the wonderfully clear waters surrounding the Bay, many a traveler come here to discover the peaceful serenity unique to this part of Indochina. Boasting with multiple splendid cruising opportunities, as well as kayaking, hiking and exploring of fascinating floating fishing villages, this Unesco world heritage site is one not to be missed.

Central Vietnam beaches

If you’re looking to combine the ultimate relaxation with adventure-seeking exploration on your summer 2019/2020 trip, the glorious beaches of central Vietnam are the ideal option for you. The areas of Da Nang and Hoi An offer the best of both worlds, with secluded stretches of sparkly white sandy beaches, surrounded by historically rich heritage sites, with the possibility to visit either as a day trip. Snorkel in the coral reefs of Cua Dai Beach, take a dive in the spectacularly crispy clear waters of Cu Lao Cham or visit the fascinating influences of Japanese, Chinese and French cultures in the charming city of Hoi An. The charm of Vietnam’s central region will leave you wanting to return with all your might.

Southern Vietnam beaches

Travelling to the South of the country, travelers will have the opportunity to experience the famous golden dunes of Mui Ne rolling across the landscape in this small southern beach town. Unique in its desert-like appeal, it comes as no surprise that this is one of Vietnam’s most popular holiday resorts. Acting as the perfect escape from the city (Ho Chi Minh City) and with an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation, this tiny beach town will encapsulate and restore every weary traveler. With several beach side cafes, romantic restaurants, beach resorts and ample affordable accommodation, Mui Ne is the perfect family holiday destination, charming every visitor with her striking contrasts of golden dunes and turquoise waters. She also boasts with multiple spectacularly gorgeous secluded beaches further north, which makes this the ideal romantic getaway.

Island living

Boasting with some of the world’s most secluded and intimately beautiful beaches, the island of Phu Quoc in the South of Vietnam is the ultimate romantic holiday destination for every couple. Whether you’d prefer the coziness of a peacefully quaint beach cottage, or the luxury of 5 star holiday resort, this island has got it all. Take some time off during your 2019/2020 summer holiday, and explore this island’s laid-back atmosphere, by eating some delicious fresh seafood, whilst sipping on a coconut water, staring out the crystal clear waters of one of Phu Quoc’s idyllic beaches.

Another one of Vietnam’s hidden gems can be found in the northern island town of Cat Ba. Boasting with 98 km² of nature reserve park, this Vietnamese treasure offers every traveler the irresistible chance to relax, explore and rejuvenate. From amazing seaside hotels to cozy, beachy bungalows, make sure to book your trip to this beautifully undiscovered town just off the coast of Hai Phong.

If you are interested in combining your Vietnam beach holiday package with any of the spectacular other countries in South East Asia, like Laos, Cambodia, Thailand or Myanmar; as a leading tour operator, we will gladly assist you to make your Indochina summer holiday one to remember!



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