Mekong Delta Tours from Saigon

The Mekong Delta can be explored on a day trip from Saigon, but to discover the region farther spend the 1 night in the cities of My Tho or Can Tho. The Mekong Delta is known as the country’s ‘rice bowl’ and so is both incredibly green and intensively farmed, with paddy fields and sugar-cane groves interspersed with numerous shady waterways.

The Mekong Delta tours we offer introduce you a whole  oating world, with houses, restaurants and markets all on water – taking a boat is the best way to explore, waving at farmers and water bu alos as you go. The area can easily be explored on a day trip from Saigon by taking a cruise from Ben Tre or My Tho. For a more immersive experience spend a night or two in the vibrant Can Tho, the delta’s biggest city, or even a night in a local farmer’s house. A taste of some of the abundance of fresh fruit at one of the many chaotic  oating markets is a must.