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Vietnamese river and lakes are what this country is all about. There are lakes and rivers pretty much everywhere, most of the hotels are overlooking the water, in this article i try to introduce with rivers and lakes in Vietnam from Hanoi and the Red River delta to Hue & Hoi An and the Delta of Mekong which is the longest in South East of Asia.

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The Lake and rivers in Vietnam

Vietnam is characterized by navigable rivers with a total length of about 41,000 kilometers. However, many rivers are not navigable by large ships because they are left natural. For the inhabitants of the Red River Delta (in north) and the Mekong (South), the waterways are very significant. Here, among other things, food, rice, coal and sand are transported.

Hanoi stretched along the Red River delta as well as a very small river called To Lich, which once flowed through the center of the city with an intricate network of canals and navigable waterways, teeming with boats. The Hoan Kiem Lake also flows in Hanoi and legend has it that in the middle of the 15th century. the gods sent to the emperor Le Thai To, a magic sword that he used to drive the Chinese out of Vietnam. the net day, he saw, on the surface of the water, a gigantic golden turtle that seized the sword and disappeared into the depths of the lake to return it to its divine owners. Since then the lake is called Hoan Kiem (Lake of the returned sword). Following are some of the best and well know Vietnamese rivers and lakes to which you can plan to visit them during your stay in the country.

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The biggest and most refered rivers of Vietnam

Red River - Often refered Hồng Hà and Sông Cái among Vietnamese, this is a 1,149-kilometer-long river located in North of Vietnam. The delta is a biosphere reserve introduced by UNESCO in 2004 as a MAB program.

Mekong Delta - The Mekong River flows through Southeast Asia and is also known in Vietnam as the Nine Dragon River (Sông Cuu Long) or the Great River (Sông Lón). The length is different and is between 4300 kilometers and 4900 kilometers. In 2007, work began on expanding the Mekong River for transportion. Enjoy the sunset on the Mekong from the sundeck, get to know the local culture on short excursions, glide silently past stunning shoreline landscapes and enjoy a delicious dinner on deck - a cruise on the Mekong river in Vietnam is a unique experience that you will try it once in the area. The attentive staff will take care of you throughout the day, and the comfortable boats will provide a unique ambience with a high level of comfort. The best time for a cruise on the Mekong River is between October and April. In the summer months it can come to increased rainfall.

rivers of vietnam mekong delta

Ca River - This 513-kilometer-long river in Vietnam is also called Sông Lam or Ngàn Ca. Ca originates in northern Laos and continues through the North Vietnamese province of Nghê An. Near Vinh province, the river flows into the South Sea.

Huong Perfume River - Huong which is refered to Perfume, is a long that crosses along the city of Hue in central Vietnam and in the privince of Thua Thien Hue. “A visit to Hue would not be complete without a boat excursion on the gentle Perfume River, or else you cannot feel the romance of Hue”. Many travelers always descibe their feeling along with the peaceful, elegance and beautiful scenery that Hue city has to offer through the amazing Huong River.

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Han River - If anyone visit the centrally located city of Da Nang then maybe they never forget Han River. Located in the heart of Da Nang city and its a sympbil of Danang city. Han River is a major tributary of upstream flows down into the sea. The green trees along with the gentleness of the Han River create a beautiful and calm musical note for a bustling city lifestyle.

han river danang vietnam

Hoai River - Flowing through the ancient city of Hoi An just some 30 KM frm Danang international airport. This Vietnamese river is a branch of the Thu Bon River  which makes Hoi An more romatic, peaceful and cool during the evening. There are many foddies, markets and restaurant along side the river to which allow you to sit and admre the beauty. when in Hoi An, try to wake up earlier to see the sunrise over the river, you may later walk through teh Hoi An fish market and or take a rowing boat along the river. There are also many othr activities to do once in Hoi An, some of the very well taken ones are cycling trip around the countryside as well as cookign classes (As Hoi An cuisine is superb).

Ben Hai River - if you refer to the vietnam war, you will soon note that Ben Hai River is the front line Vietnamese river with boundary that devided Vietnam into North and South dating back  between July 22, 1954, and April 29, 1975, when South Vietnam fall. There is a famous bridge over Ben Hai River, known as the Hien Luong Bridge, which means Peace Bridge that is made by steel and by the French in late 1950, which is painted in two colors with a white line down the middle. The North side is colored on blue while the South part if colored is yellow. It is maintained as a major national monument for the reunification of Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War. Nowadays, when you arrive in Quang Tri or in a DMZ zone, it is very pleasant to go on boat down stream from where you will admire the peacefulness and the beauty of the area.

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