TOP 10 things to do in Bangkok

Top 10 things to do in Bangkok

Get a thai massage

Thai massage uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body. This is an ancient healing practice that originated in India. It dates back to around 2,500–7,000 years ago.

And many people believe that the health benefits of Thai massage include lowering stress, boosting energy, and improving athletic performance.

So if you are in Bangkok you should find a decent thai massage place and experience your own way!

Take the sky train (BTS) 

If you are travelling in Bangkok and you properly know that Bangkok is not that huge which means it is easy and convenient to get around but sometimes you get bored of the traffic during rush hours

The BTS could be your answer !  there is only one way to get around Bangkok at any speed whilst keeping cool and that is to jump aboard one of the sky trains. With air conditioned carriages there is no better way to get around. In most instances you are high above the traffic below giving you a view of the city but also the train takes the most direct route. With nearly every part of Bangkok you would want to visit having a train station, travel could not be simpler. Please note that you do not want to take the BTS during rushing hours….

Learn Muay Thai (Thai boxing)

Muay Thai is now one of the most well-known and practiced martial arts in the world. It has proven to be effective, which is why it is most common striking base in the vastly popular, fast-growing sport of mixed martial arts.

So if you’re looking for a martial art that has practical uses in the real world, then Don’t be scare of getting hurt !  let’s try once at least.

Take a Boat Trip along the Chao Phraya River

One of the must do activities that you definitely do when you are travelling in Bangkok.

Chao Phraya River is the lifeblood of Bangkok and local people here, even today 50,000 people still go to work on one of the many ferries that go up and down. Taking a boat trip down the river is fascinating as you will see high rise condominiums , Beautiful temple along the river and fancy hotels in one part whilst you will see wooden shacks and children playing in the water in other parts. Feel free to get on and off at any of the stops the ferries make to further explore the city.

Dinner at China town

Chinatown is a neighborhood of Chinese-Chinese communities known for the bustling night markets. This place has a long history since the reign of King Rama V. In addition to being a residential area of Thai-Chinese people, It is also a business district for trade, finance, banking and is full of good quality old gold shops.

The place opens every day at night time with different kind of food. You could spend a local dinner here.

Nightlife in Khoasan road

Khoasan road is Is a small street that is very popular and Famous throughout the world Importantly, this road is more and more bustling during the night time with many people from all over the world 

There are plenty of bars and restaurants in this road with load music from different bars….

Shop and eat at Ratchada Train Night Market 

A crowded night market in bangkok but you must visit this place!

The Ratchada Train Night market is a flea market network of the Srinakarin Railway Station. Night market With the same style At the back of the Esplanade mall, Ratchadaphisek, who receives over a thousand locks On concrete open space with many kind of food , bars , restaurants and shopping stores. 

And if you go up the building which is in front of the market you can see the whole market with all the lights from different stores . it is breathtaking !

Try eating the king of fruit Durian

Wait before making that face when it comes to Duriannn… You will probably smell it before you see it but Durian is known as the king of fruits. People either love it or hate it (it’s a really thin line between the two) with some public areas going as far as putting up signs that completely ban it. A durian fruit is distinct for many reasons, firstly its look, it looks like some kind of medieval weapon with its thorny outer shell or whatever you can imagine, and once the shell has been removed the insides are like this yellow vanilla creamy texture that some people say is the greatest fruit of all.

Try to go to rooftop bar in the city

There are various places in Bangkok where you can go for a drink at the end of the day especially before the sunset but none will have the view of Bangkok that the Vertigo and Moon bar has. Sitting on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree hotel you can look out and see the beautiful skyline of Bangkok in all of its glory. As soon as you reach the top you are straight outside so this is not the place to be if you are afraid of heights, the designers have made the rooftop in such a way that you get a complete 360 degree view of the city with no obstructions. A little tips if you want to visit there are plenty of rooftop bars in the city that’s true but I would recommend you to call for a booking first…

Visit the Wat Arun

Talking about beautiful temples in Bangkok And must visit once in a life. Of course, "Wat Arun" will be the first place Certainly thought With a location on the Chao Phraya River And beautiful architecture Important landmarks for evening photography along the Chao Phraya River




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