A guide for traveling to Vietnam during new year

Some tips for travellers to visit Vietnam during TET (Vietnamese New Year) holiday

New year holiday (tet holiday) is the most important festival of the Vietnamese calendar which is celebrated throughout the country. The official holiday lasts three days, however celebrations continue for at least the first week of the new year. If you are planing to travel Vietnam during the Tet holiday, you might need to know how they celebrate at this special time and things to avoid. 

Tet holiday

Tet falls on the first day of the first month of the Vietnamese calendar (Lunar calendar) which is usually around late January /or early February on the Western calendar. Check with Your Vietnam Travel Agent to know exact Tet holiday of year.

Travelling Tet Holiday 

If you are traveling through Vietnam during Tet, any travel plans within the country must be arranged well in advance due to there are so many people from the north of Vietnam work in the south of the country. They all head home around the same time to visit their families for Tet and get back after Tet holiday. So, if you are trying to heading to northern during this time. Plane tickets, Bus and train sell out quickly and the price can be very expensive. Be sure to book your tour package 2-3month ahead which can be guaranteed.

Things to know: food, shops, restaurant, store

There are a lot of shops and markets will close for the holiday. They won’t just close for a day, sometimes they can be shut up for up to 5-7 days. Without doubt, some restaurants/ shops/stores still open during the holiday. So please check carefully before shopping or visiting somewhere

Price is higher than usual 

This is one big concern that seems to occur to most holiday travelers. During the tet holiay. Everything with bill or not, which will involve a holiday surcharge. Hence accept this as part of your holiday will relieve you from unnecessary stress

Not so chaotic during this time

If you’re hoping to find the chaotic from scooter-filled streets that Saigon/Hanoi is so well-known for. May get a bit disappointed if you visit during Tet. The city becomes comparatively “quiet” during this time of year. 

Be Aware of Pickpocketing

During Tet holidays, if there is any place hosting events that will be packed with people it can be increasing the risk of being pick-pocketed. So, when joining any of these activities, make sure to bear in mind a great caution for your belongings. Put your bad in front chest and always hold on tight it. Moreover, you should avoid leaving valuable items in your pocket. You will be advised to keep your wallet or phone in your well-zipped bags all the time. Read here top things to do in Hanoi

On New Year's Day

Most families meet together to exchange gifts as well as have a traditional meal. Homes are decorated with the hoa mai flower/ peach blossoms/ kumquat and all thoughts of sadness are supposed to be avoided. All  children are encouraged not to fight, cry and if there is anyone in mourning is shunned, this is because it is bad luck to be associated with death on New Year's Day. There are also many families plant a new year's tree in front of the house and wrap it with lucky red paper. The tree is decorated during the first week of the new year. 

Share your experience with us below if you have ever been visiting a country during a major local holiday or check our vietnam tour package to plan for your holiday. 

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