Best Kids-Friendly Destinations in Vietnam


Vietnam, with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, offers an array of family-friendly destinations that promise unforgettable experiences for both parents and children. From ancient towns to natural wonders, here are the top places to explore with kids in Vietnam.


1. Bat Trang Pottery Village – Hanoi

Just a short 30-minute drive from Hanoi's city center lies Bat Trang Pottery Village, a perfect destination for a family day out. This village is a hub of creativity and learning, especially tailored for kids.

With a history spanning centuries, Bat Trang has mastered the art of ceramics and pottery. The pottery market is a treasure trove of beautifully crafted products that can serve as delightful souvenirs to take home.

However, the real fun begins in the workshops. Here, kids get the opportunity to try their hand at shaping pottery . Once their masterpiece takes form, they can unleash their inner artists by adding colorful designs. This engaging and educational experience is sure to leave a lasting impression on young minds.


2. Taking a sampan boat trip & cycling in Ninh Binh

Ranked as one of the top four travel destinations in Northern Vietnam, Ninh Binh is an ideal retreat for families seeking a tranquil yet captivating getaway.

Starting your journey in the lively streets of Hanoi, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, the yearning for a peaceful respite beckons. Ninh Binh offers just that – a sanctuary where you can breathe in the fresh country air, witness vast rice paddy fields, and immerse in the splendor of untouched natural beauty.

What could be more delightful than pedaling along on a quaint push bike, navigating the narrow alleyways of hidden rural villages with minimal traffic? Alternatively, a leisurely sampan boat ride along a gentle river unveils a serene panorama of majestic limestone mountains. Ninh Binh caters to every facet of family enjoyment, making it a destination well worth dedicating a few days to explore.


3. Lantern making workshop in Hoi An 

In the enchanting town of Hoi An, known for its vibrant evenings illuminated by the glow of traditional lanterns, a lantern-making workshop offers a unique and educational experience for your children during your Vietnam Family Vacation.

Under the expert guidance of skilled instructors, participants can choose to create a lantern from scratch or embellish a pre-made frame. The workshops typically run between 1.5 to 3 hours, offering a flexible experience tailored to individual preferences and skill levels.

Rest assured, these workshops are designed with safety in mind, making it a worry-free activity for kids. The joy of crafting a lantern by their own hands will leave a lasting impression, and the knowledge gained about this time-honored art form is a souvenir that holds immeasurable value.


4. Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park

Nestled within the Ba Na-Nui Chua Nature Reserve, Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park is a sanctuary for nature and water park enthusiasts alike. Surrounded by majestic mountains, this park offers a sweeping vista of lush forests, punctuated by mineral-rich hot springs and meandering streams.

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of nature, whether by indulging in the mud bathing area or experiencing the traditional Japanese bath, Onsen, renowned for its abundant health benefits. For thrill-seekers, the park offers an array of attractions, from the mountainside wave pool to exhilarating slides in the twisting swimming pool. And be sure not to miss the complimentary 9D to 12D movie experience, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your stay.

Let Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park be your gateway to a world of relaxation and adventure, where every guest is promised an exciting yet tranquil experience.


5. Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc: Where Fun Knows No Bounds

Vinpearl Land stands as the epitome of modern entertainment, boasting both indoor and outdoor sections. Come rain or shine, this recreational park ensures endless fun with its array of games and services.

Ideal for families, Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc caters specifically to kids. The highlight? A state-of-the-art aquarium, divided into three captivating subsections: Tropical, Caves, and Ocean. This aquatic marvel is not only a source of amusement but also a dedicated space for the study and conservation of marine life, both local and international.

For a day filled with boundless excitement and learning, Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is the ultimate destination.


Vietnam offers an incredible range of experiences for families, from cultural enrichment to natural wonders and adventurous activities. Whether it's exploring ancient towns, cruising through picturesque landscapes, or delving into history, Vietnam promises a family vacation filled with cherished memories. Pack your bags, bring your curiosity, and embark on a remarkable journey through this captivating country with your kids. Click Best Kids-Friendly Destinations in Vietnam for sample package

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