Best Time to Visit Cambodia

Get to know about the weather and temperature before planing a for your holiday to Cambodia. Like most of Southeast Asia region, Cambodia getting a varies from warm to very hot throughout the whole year. Therefore, it will surely help you know the best season to visit Cambodia. 

Cambodia is warm throughout the year, so it’s actually possible for you to visit the country at any time of year. Season are divided into two: dry and wet season. 

- Dry season occurs from November to May with a slight increase in temperature from March onwards. So, december and January are considered as the ideal months to visit Cambodia due during these months, the humidity level is relatively low and Cambodia experiences a cooling breeze. Meanwhiles, the months of April and May are quite hot and the temperatures may reach 38 degree celsius

- Wet season starts early june and late october, this season is usually characterized by brief downpours in the afternoon, evening and it doesn’t usually last too long. Most days come with several hours of sunshine. The rains that do fall are pretty spectacular, the scenery is deep green and livelier. 

Best time to visit Siem Reap and Angkor Temple

Hight peak season at Angkor wat starts from december to March when the weather is at its best which making it a pleasant time to visit the ruins. However, this is also the most crowded time, it marks the start of the high season in Cambodia Tourism Industry. 

Try to avoid April due to there’s a Khmer New Year taking place on April 14-16 that brings half of Cambodia to the Temples

Best time to visit Tonle Sap

The Tonlé Sap Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. This is considered home to approximately 80,000 people who live in 170 village communities comprised of floating and stilted houses. 

The best time to visit ‘floating villages’ is during the wet season from June to October when the water is high can affect areas of the lake where visitors can go to

Phnom Phenh, Battambang and Sihanoukville 

While Angkor and Siem Reap are certainly the main tourist destination in Cambodia, Phnom Penh has known as the capital and the Pearl of Asia. Due to the most beautiful of the cities built by the French in former Indochine domains

The best ideal time to visit Phnom Penh, Battambang and Sihanoukville is on dry season from November-March when the weather is cooler and more pleasant


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