Best Time to Visit Sapa

Set in the mountains of northern Vietnam, Sapa is famous for it’s breathtaking scenery and rich cultural diversity. This picturesque northern gem of Vietnam play a role key in all Vietnam Tourist Sights. So, if you are planing to do some trekking in Sapa, you would need to consider when is best time to visit and things to do?

Best time to visit Sapa

From September to November or from March to May, the weather is perfect and considered as the best time to visit Sapa. Trekking, photo-taking or camping trips, making it one of two best times to drop by Sapa. During winter from Mid December to February, Sapa has a harsh weather with temperature being practically zero, wet and misty, Make sure to bring appropriate clothing and double check with your hotel that rooms will have electric blankets or space heaters to keep you warm at night. The rainy/wet season lasts for around 3 months from June to September (peaking in July and August) with heavy downpours, the road surface is slippery and a little bit dangerous. This is not considered as a best time to visit Sapa during that period of time.

March to May: The weather is perfect with sunny days, warm and fresh air. Best time for trekking and outdoors activities

June  to September: rainy weather and high peak of Vietnamese tourists

Late September to mid December: cooler climes and clear days, best time for photography and trekking

Mid December to February: harsh winter, cold but few tourists

Things to do and see in Sapa

There are a lot of things to do and see in Sapa – read here top must see attractions in your sapa tour 

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As a best Vietnam Tour Operator, we’d highly recommend a trip to Sapa in the North if you’d like to experience awesome landscapes, rural life and savour a taste of the true culture and traditions of the Vietnam Minority Groups and its amazing people. Check out our Sapa Tours and anywhere else in Vietnam. 



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