Explore the worlds of tradition, culture, mystery and amazing landscapes from picturesque Sapa, cruise the majestic Halong Bay and discover the magic of ancient Hue and Hoi An. To get your adventure holiday started simply browse from the following guide and or let us plan a custom made tour package based on your exact wishes and requirements

A Visit to Vietnam bring you with an experience rich in history and culture blended from the diverse influences that have presided over the country and its people. From 2000 years of history to the more modern influences of French colonialism and the turbulent independence movement of the 20th century, Vietnam is now being embraced by the world for its magnificent natural beauty, friendly and inquisitive people and its delicious food. Full of UNESCO and World Heritage listed sights, Vietnam is a treasure trove of memories, with the geography and man made monuments and structures being supplemented by the positive attitude of its people to create a country that is now captivating and infectious to all those who have had the pleasure to visit



Travel to Vietnam is an experience through the outstanding natural beauty; some of the best beaches in south-east Asia can be found here. The larger towns and cities retain much of the colonial charm and beauty in the architecture, parks and boulevards left as a cultural legacy by the French. The people of Vietnam are gentle, happy and welcoming to visitors

Time – Vietnam is + 7h during Standard Time with GMT

Language – The official national language is Vietnamese. English is widely spoken, as is French by the older generation

Visa & Entry Requirements – Passports must be valid for six months beyond the length of stay. Visas are required for many  travelers, however, British doesn't required one for up to 15 day stay.



The weather is perfect

Is Vietnam safe for tourists? If you live in snow weather, come to Vietnam to experience a absolutely safe with perfect weather year round, it might be a bit chilling and cold in Hanoi and northern area such as Sapa in winter time but the rest of the country is always sunny, you know Vietnam is a tropical land, dry season could be the best time to travel to Vietnam.

Halong Bay Overnight Cruise

With Halong Bay Cruise you will discover one of the best and most scenic Bays in the world, seriously, Halong Bay is considered as the new wonder of the world and cursing is the best way to discover it, opt for a cruise that allow you for kayaking, boating through the floating villages and more. 

Travel to Vietnam: There are beach, nature and history

From my point of view; no matter what is your traveling style, you will have anything from nature reserves to the food and experiencing weird things to ancient and history exploration. Sapa, is a region in northern Vietnam with border to China, this is my favorite destination in Vietnam, the reason is the far i went the more i experience the unique and authentic ethnic culture of Vietnam, Hue and Hoi An were the unique places for me to see more of history of Vietnam. oh, i forgot, Ho Chi Minh City is the hustle and bustle of Vietnam, i called it NY city of east so far.

Vietnamese are very welcoming

Vietnam is very safe and a popular tourist destination with warm and welcoming peoples. The younger students are very keen to stop foreigner to practice English with, they are very curious about west (though im not from the west) and other cultures, asking me a lot of questions about my foods, culture, difference between Vietnam and my country and one great thing, they love to take selfies. A great place to chill out with local would be Hanoi's Hoan Kiem lake where there are a lot of tourists strolling around

Easy to Travel to Laos & Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand from Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam and or other neighboring destinations, the country itself is a connection destination to Indochina. If you travel style is to spend more time in destination you travel to, then, Vietnam and perhaps Indochina (Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar as well as Thailand) is your place to be, there are a lot of travelers who are traveling not only to Vietnam but to its neighboring countries, the reason is because you can cross the borders via bus (if you have more time like me), flights are pretty reasonable as i got a flight from Hanoi to Bangkok with only $ 100


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