Cable car ride to Fansipan Mountain rightway

Opened since Feb 2016, you would not need spend 2-3 days for hiking to the roof of Indochina – Fansipan Mountain. With just 15mins now, you can reach out the top of Fansipan and admire the best experience of being on top, gazing out to the breathtaking mountainous scenery. So, how to take cable car to fansipan mountain right way. Here is some notes from us

1. Mountain train from Muong Hoa 

From Mar 2018, the authority has opened a new route from Muong Hoa that connecting sapa town with the fansipan cable car station (approximately 2 km) which starting from MGallery hotel (Sapa town center) to Fansipan Cable Car station).

For this route, you don’t have to take a taxi to Sapa station. The train goes through several mysterious tunnels, crosses the viaduct to admire the majestic panorama view of Muong Hoa Valley. 

The cost is 200,000 VND per person/round trip. Train runs continuously so you do not have to spend much time waiting. 

From March 2018, visitors will have an even better option for going, which is the Muong Hoa mountain train connecting Sa Pa town with the Fansipan cable car station. With a total length of approximately 2 km, this is the longest mountain railway in Vietnam up to the present time. The train departs from the MGallery hotel in Sa Pa town and finishes its journey on the Fansipan cable car station. The train goes through several mysterious tunnels, crosses the viaduct and offers passengers a view to looking down the majestic natural beauty of Muong Hoa valley and peaceful villages. The price for two-way mountain trains is VND 200,000/ adult and VND 150,000/ child (1m-1m3). Buying a train and cable car combo will reduce the ticket price by VND 50,000/ a ticket and include a coupon at Van Sam restaurant at the cable car station.

2. Do Quyen Mountain train (from Fansipan Mountain to Peak)

You’d need to climb up 600 stair if you don’t want to take funicular train from Do Quyen Mountain train to Peak of fansipan. 

Personally, I think if you have a good health, you can buy one way ride with the price is 100, 000/ way with 1 min to reach out Fansipan mountain as this would save time as well as keep you in good health to visit other attration place along the trip such as Lower Temple, Upper Pagoda and the beautiful road of Do Quyen flowers on top Fansipan.

3. Fansipan Cable Car price 

Adult: The cable care price is 750,000 VND/pax/round trip.

Children (1-1.3m): the price is 500,000 VND/ pax/ round trip

You can book in advance with local tour operator if you don’t want to queue in a long line or you can buy directly when you arrive. 

Note: The ticket is only valid on day 

4. Operation time:

Opening hours: 7.30 am to 5.30 pm everyday

Lastly, unlike trekking, to conquer Fansipan with above 3,000 meters, high humidity, and oxygen-deficient air can endanger your health. Hence, you would need to prepare water, snacks, dress warm enough, take gloves, towels, and woolen hat

Hope, the experience we shared with you above which will be helping you to get a perfect journey to this fansipan mountain. 

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