Best Time to Visit Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Thinking of planing to travel Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Sai Gon ), make sure to read this travel guide to know when is the best time to travel Ho Chi Minh. 

Ho Chi Minh is the largest city in the Vietnam . This city is introduced to a dramatic blending of old and new culture, a dynamic metropolis of skyscrapers. A traffic juxtaposed with a lot of ancient temples and traditional markets. 

Being blessed with a pleasant climate all year round and there are two different seasons. Dry season and Rainy Season 

The dry season lasts from december to late of April. This season is generally though of as the best time to visit Sai Gon and it’s considered as the hottest season of the year. The everage temperature reaching roughly 28 - 32 celsius. There’s less humidity, which makes it much more comfortable. In december, the temperature can get down to 16 celsius in the early morning, however it’s comfortably warm for a westerner during the day. 

In addition, if you are getting an opportunity to visit Ho Chi Minh late december, you will get an experience to enjoy christmas and new year in Ho Chi Minh. Learn more about where is the best to enjoy new year in Ho Chi Minh City. 

The rain season lasts from May to November 

the Monsoon Season, higher humidity and of course it’s getting more rain. Tropical storms are considerably more frequent. However, it’s still a perfectly good time to visit Saigon, this is because the rain isn’t non-stop all day. It usually falls in heavy showers with sun in between. Therefore from May to September are considered as a good bet if you’re on a budget, due to accommodation prices tend to be cheaper. And most travel agencies are offering discount from 10 – 30% of Tour Packages to Vietnam and Southeast Asia Region. 

Notes to lunar new year in Vietnam (about late-January and mid-February). During the lunar new year in Vietnam, most stores, restaurants will be closed.  Also accommodation will be more expensive, as well as domestic airfare will be fully booked just before it. Hence plan your holiday accordingly. Some of worthy experience about Lunar New Year for you to read before traveling to Vietnam. Are you ready?? 

the New Year festival also make it an exciting time to visit Saigon. If you have a tight budget then it’s still worth traveling at this time

If you are interested in traveling to Sai Gon, any question regarding about weather or things to do out there. Please do not hesitate to ask. As always, we love hearing from you. 


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